The Pump and Dump Bot V2.2 is a Python based console application that allows users to be able to easily and effectively Pump and Dump altcoins based upon user input.
Python outperforms Java and Vba programs,Its abilities to connect to the exchanges faster than other bots ensure that your investments are safer than when using any other bots.

The overall goal of the bot is to be able to create an environment for a safe general pump without fear of being dumped on and ultimately losing money.
This bot is centered around the user, requires no previous coding experience and includes features to protect users such a training mode which simulates pump situations in real time, pre-pump detection, as well as a warning in case users start too late into the pump.
Users will be able to take coin names from Pump and Dump announcement groups and easily set percentage based buy and sell orders, to ensure that the bot is fast enough to beat out any competition.

To setup the Pump and Dump bot, you will need a Bittrex(Or any other supported) exchange account.
Firstly you will need to find your Bittrex API Key, which can be found in your account settings under the API Key tab. This will also require a 2 Factor Authentication to be setup on your Bittrex account.
Once you receive the key, put it into the configuration file for the bot; This is how the bot gains access to your account to put in the trade requests.
Once setup is complete the Pump and Dump bot will default to a console setting.
You will be asked if you would like to activate demo mode, and then be asked to set the amount of bitcoin you want to invest , Buy % and Sell %.
These two percentages are key to success with the bot. It is suggested to set the Buy % to be 5% above current market prices, and the Sell % to be 20% to ensure ease of profit.
Afterwards, the bot will ask for you to input the coin name by using the exchange name.(Generally three to four capital letters.)
The bot will instantly set a buy order at the percentage specified in the previous step.
After clearing this order, within milliseconds a sell order will be placed at the set sell percentage.
After both orders clear, a message will display the profit from the pump, as well as echoing the orders on to the console.
We're trying our best to release a new update each month .

  • 1 - Standalone GUI based version.
  • 2 - Android Mobile App.
  • 3 - All exchanges Support.
  • 4 - Optimization.
By utilizing this bot you acknowledge all risks of trading crypto currencies, as well as terms of service on any exchange that you utilize this program on now or in future revisions.
P&D Bot team takes zero responsibility for any lost or stolen funds on any exchange this is used on, it is YOUR responsibility to protect your API keys.
P&D Bot team or any other entities take no responsibility for any lost cryptocurrency due to poor trading.
Please only purchase this bot from http://cryptobots.xyz or any other authorized distributors, any and all fake clones of this program are not safe, and can lead to loss of BTC..